Saturday, December 20, 2008

Power up your blog with FeedBurner

Blogs are useful in all kinds of ways for educators, and as educators we want to teach our audiences how to access blogs in the most efficient manner, by using a feed reader such as Google Reader.

However, encouraging our audiences to subscribe to our blog feeds gives us, as content producers, the responsibility to provide a proper feed. That's where FeedBurner comes in.

FeedBurner's feeds offer the following features:
- an awesome subscribe page that works with all browsers and readers
- the option to enable e-mail subscriptions
- automatic "ping" service to notify search engines when your content has been updated
- statistics on your feed's activity
- integrated sharing of your feed with social networking sites
- integration with Google Adsense to monetize your blog

Go ahead and give FeedBurner a try. It'll make your blog more useful.

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